1. 03 Feb, 2023 1 commit
  2. 02 Feb, 2023 2 commits
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      Version 2.19.2. · a2f5df4e
      Albert Gräf authored
      Implements the gui features for the cyclone "hammereditor", replacing
      legacy tcl/tk calls, so that the cyclone objects utilizing the editor
      (capture, coll, seq, etc.) will now function properly in Purr Data.
      This is in part a backport from DISIS Pd-l2ork (thanks, Ico!), cf.
      https://github.com/pd-l2ork/pd-l2ork/commit/8a93fa83. However, our
      version is essentially a complete overhaul in order to minimize the
      impact on Purr Data's existing text dialog interface, and we also fixed
      some bugs along the way.
      Some related regressions in the vanilla text, qlist, and textfile
      objects have also been ironed out.
      Last but not least, pd-lua was updated to 0.11.5 (bugfix release).
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      Update to pd-lua 0.11.5. · 79b427ab
      Albert Gräf authored
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      Windows packaging: GH-friendly OutputBaseFilename. · d8d94024
      Albert Gräf authored
      This makes my life less miserable when doing releases on the GH mirror,
      because I don't have to manually edit the installer filenames before
      uploading any more.
      GitHub doesn't like blanks in upload file names, using dashes instead
      makes uploading much easier and eliminates the need to zip the installer
      before uploading. We also include a proper cpu architecture designation
      (x86 or x86_64) in the output file name in lieu of the '(64 bit)' suffix
      which causes trouble in GH uploads as well, because of the parentheses.
      Note that this shouldn't affect the Gitlab CI since it looks for a
      'Purr*.exe' build artifact, which will still match the package name.
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      Update ReadMe.md. · d8b4cc0d
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      Update the about menu option. · e7878acd
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      Update the about patch. · 82d073de
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